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glass kitchen splashback
glass kitchen splashback
glass kitchen splashback
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colourful glass
colourful glass splashback
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Let us inspire you and create something special and individual that can't be found on the high street. Made by Enchanting Glass Designs - adding extra personality to the heart of your home.

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Sometimes I am extremely lucky to be given the chance to make a stunning piece of art for someone’s home. This piece was designed by myself from conception to final piece using inspiration from my clients and transposing those ideas into a statement piece of art.  

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you are working on something that’s going to become the spotlight of a home but at the same time the pressure I put on myself to get it right is enormous.

This is just one example of what can be achieved together. 

I absolutely adore this piece I recently completed and my clients do too. If you’d like to see the process to achieve this please click here.

glass panel in progress


I would like to thank Gayle of Enchanting Glass Designs for her help and expertise in producing the perfect glass Splashback. I am over the moon with it, it has transformed the whole house.

We had lots of conversations about the requirements I had (a huge long list and various designs I had rolling around in my head!) and Gayle muddled through it all and together we agreed on the finished article. She made up some samples so that I was sure the colour scheme matched......READ MORE.....

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